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Learning to surf, like in many other sports, is held in several stages. Catching a wave and standing on the board is far from easy, but is great fun. Therefore, the Tenerife Surf makes use of a step-by-step approach while teaching beginners to surf, combining theory and practice, experience and innovation.

We are here to help you acquire basic knowledge, practice surfing and get hold of the essential surfing vocab, which will be of great help while socializing with other surfers.

Price: 35 euro per person

Start: depends on the tide

Venue: Tenerife Surf Point

Duration: ~ 3 hours

You need to take: swimsuit / swimming trunks, towels, sunscreen, drinking water

We provide: wetsuit, reef slippers, surf board

Best places to learn to surf

If you want to gain knowledge and learn to sense the ocean, come to the best school of surfing— Tenerife Surf Point — the only Russian school in Tenerife, certified by the Canary Surfing Federation. All our instructors are certified by the Surfing Federation and are trained lifeguards.

We make sure your classes are interesting, effective and safe. Anyone can take up surfing at any age. All you need is to enroll by choosing the appropriate level of training.

You’ll be provided with a wetsuit, reef slippers, lycra and a surfboard.

Each class lasts for about 3 hours. This includes theoretical part where you will be explained on how to react in various situations while on water, how to stand up on the board and about safety in the water. Everyone tries to stand up on the board at school first, where we correct mistakes and work on your stance. Next is the practical part on the water (about 2 hours). We take pictures / video during your practice and after that we provide a detailed photo / video analysis, give you homework and discuss all the questions that might have arisen.

Full-dive into your active holiday, booking the best package which includes staying in our surfhouse, surfing classes, paddle boarding and other perks.

Take a delight in the ocean, waves and the pleasure of rubbing shoulders with like-minded ones!

Surfing for beginners or what can you learn on a 7-day holiday?

We understand that many of you come here on holiday. Therefore, we offer 3-5 days basic training packages. When speaking of surfing, much depends on the ocean. In this regard, Tenerife has a huge advantage. There are waves here almost all year round, which allows you to train in any season and master surfing for beginners in just a week.

During your first class, the instructor first conducts theoretical training: talks about boards, waves, safety, explains how to learn to surf, losing no balance. After the theory you move on into the water together with your instructor. The instructor spends about 2 hours with you, giving a helping hand wherever you need it. During the first class for beginners, the instructor “pushes” you onto the waves for you to catch them yourself which might seem impossible. The spot we use allows starting classes with comfortable waves, not on the sea-foam. This will make it easier for you to stand on board and make further progress.

The second class much depends on the first one. During your second one we revise it all and give you something new: how to catch a wave on your own and how to find an easy way back to the instructor, how to pass through waves. Our instructors treat everyone individually, whether helping to choose a wave, pushing or standing on the board.

Your third class is fully devoted to practical skills. Get ready to set out for the water, catching small waves. We also keep practicing getting on the board, correcting mistakes, trying to slide as smooth as possible. Further goes practical skills improvement.

Interesting fact!

According to one of the surfing emergence versions, Polynesian fishermen were the first to slide on waves, taking the catch to shore. They took to it so much that soon began to catch waves simply for pleasure. Surfing popped into view in the Hawaiian Islands at around AD 400, becoming an exclusively royal means of entertainment, while simple folk of the islands even had no legal right to stand on board. The evidence shows great surfing interest of Hawaiian kings. In case of bad weather, they turned to priests and recoursed to rituals to earn the mercy of the ocean.

Actually, thousands of years later Kaiulani, the Princess of Hawaii, won the surfing competitions of 1895-1899 (by the way, the girl became the last representative of the oldest school of surfing Waikiki). Unfortunately, the first Europeans showed no enthusiasm towards the islanders’ passion, mistaking it for a case of paganism. The culture of surfing has been lost for ages.

No sooner than by the early 20th century, “white” tourists first showed interest in surfing, gradually mastering the skill. The Renaissance of surfing is closely tied to the name of a two — time Olympic swimming champion – Duke Kahanamoku. It was he who introduced the Australians to surfing. Later on it swept out the whole world and it started to slide on waves.

The pioneer of surfing was George Freeth, being the first to stand on board. Before that, lying on a surfboard had been common. Actually, it was Freeth who took a chance and shortened the board in half.

The true surfing era had come: using the “Blake cigar” board, setting up crazy records and experiments, foam and fiberglass boards arrival and the surf culture establishment. Surfing launched itself as a mass craze, but eventually became a professional sport. Today, not only it is a hobby or a sport, but a lifestyle, a way of thinking and a whole layer of culture. We invite you to explore it together.

Surfing practice

The remaining classes are purely practical and devoted to safety issues, water movement regulations and basic maneuvers. We know the best spots to grind away surfing. Our classes last a bit longer compared to the rest of the schools as we pay more attention to details. During 3-5 class, the instructor explains how to figure out a safe sport, how to choose a wave, what and how to consider in terms of forecast. We have no doubt our advice will prove to be most useful in after days. Stick to them to train at home or your hotel to improve swiftly.

Lessons time depends on the tide and weather conditions. We regularly check weather forecasts and arrange the time of classes to your comfort and safety!

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