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The list of outdoor activities in Tenerife is well complemented by a shallow underwater dive into the sea world — snorkeling. The island is rich in picturesque places that can be seen with the naked eye. Even more beauty is hidden beneath the water surface by nature itself. Have a go at snorkeling, all the more so the best places for scuba diving in the world are located in here, namely in Tenerife.

TENERIFE SURF provides a popular hobby-snorkeling-with pre-training and instruction. Totally safe and super exciting trips to the world of marine life will remain in your memory forever.

What is snorkeling?

Snorkeling is a kind of underwater swimming with a snorkel, a breathing tube and fins. Since snorkeling is available in the cold season, you can wear a wetsuit for a comfortable swim. Thanks to such simple equipment, the swimmer spends minimal effort (as opposed to diving) and at the same time gazes at the beauty of the underwater world.

The main feature of snorkeling is that it’s get-at-able to almost everyone, even children. Kid’s snorkeling offers a choice of smaller places for diving and less dive time. In case you can’t think of where to go for snorkeling, please contact us. We’ll be happy to tell you about the origins of snorkeling on the island, show you best snorkeling spots and prepare you for a dive.

What makes snorkeling in Tenerife so special?

While snorkeling, the swimmer watches the underwater life in the wild. You can’t imagine the number of places in Tenerife where you can take your time and watch the marine life: fish, shellfish, starfish, stingrays and, of course, turtles. Many people are much excited at the first meeting with the “sea cucumber” and other exotic animals.

Most eminent world-famous snorkeling beaches in Tenerife

Naming the best beaches and snorkeling spots is anything but easy. Each school moves here and there in search of unique experiences. We’ll list the top ten most popular beaches which can offer some amazing and full of emotions time of snorkeling.

  • Punta de Teno

It’s famous for its clean and clear water, as well as a rich variety of underwater world.

  • Playa del Duque

It can hardly be called a beach. Those who wish to dive and see the marine life will have to move about 10-15 meters away from the shore. Extreme snorkeling fans can’t decide where to go? Then choosing the other end of the beach is the place. Stones supersede sand. The water is crystal clear and the dives are deeper.

  • Puerto de Santiago

The “Atlantis” Islands. The underwater world of the place is so rich that is capable of enchanting even the avid divers with years of diving experience.

  • Paraíso

It’s a chosen place for divers from all over the world. You can meet them at any time of the year and snorkeling classes are not scarсe here.

  • Abama

Tranquil sea with white coastal sand. That’s how one can describe the place. It’s a safe diving spot for both adults and kids.

  • Teresitas

Just another yellow sandy beach, located in the capital of Tenerife — Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The water is quite calm and clear. Kids will be especially ecstatic at packs of small fish that swarm right at the feet. This beach is often called an ideal place for family holidays and snorkeling with children. Our instructors will teach your kids to dive.

  • Tejita

High waves are commonplace here, so watch the color flags. Green one means you can put on your snorkel and fins and dive for the “sea beauty”, heading for the red mountain.

  • Playa de los Cristianos

The spot can boast its fabulous turquoise water and a rich marine world. The beauty is all yours once you get to the town of Playa de Los Cristianos.

  • Candelaria

The beach located in the northern part of the island, famous for its black sand and stones. On the other hand the water is crystal clear, so you can see the abundance of marine fauna with a shallow dive.

  • Radazul

The beach is quite often used for diving training. The water is perfectly clear, allowing you to catch a glimpse of every deep sea living being.

Regardless of the chosen place, we dive from the shore. Our instructor holds a theoretical class on the right way to enter water and swimming with flippers and snorkel. Many snorkelers dive along the rocks. There is something to praise, especially at low tide.

Tide times, a solar-lunar calendar for sport fishing, surfing, snorkeling and other delights can be viewed here. Plan your tomorrow with the data table.

Best snorkeling in the world

You’ll be fully instructed before entering water, regardless of your skill. The instructor will always be nearby. Each swim lasts for 1.5 hours. Our school will provide you with all the necessary equipment for snorkeling: wetsuit, reef slippers, lycra, snorkel, breathing tube and a life jacket, for you to spend more time in water without tiring yourself out. Don’t know where to find the best snorkeling in the world? You‘re welcomed here!

Bring your swimming trunks / swimsuit to wear under a wetsuit, as well as a towel, water-resistant sunscreen and drinking water.

Drop into the active rest! Here you can get acquainted with all the info on our best active holiday packages with the accommodations included, surfing classes / paddle boarding, yoga classes, balance training, bike hire, etc.

You can book snorkeling tours, agreeing on the time and date. Write to us. We’ll be delighted to help you plan your personal and family holiday!

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