Kayak trips in Tenerife

Kayak trips in Tenerife

Tenerife is an amazing place. There’s so much one can enjoy: walking and extreme surfing on waves, lazy rest in the warmth of the sun and sea excursions with dolphins. We offer you a fascinating kayak trip in the comfort of the boat seat with a paddle in hands. Meeting dolphins and sea turtles isn’t scarce here.

Sea trips are a great way to sight the landscape, hear the sounds of the ocean and watch the dolphins. Our two-seated kayaks are equipped with a comfortable seat and take 2 adults at a time. Consider taking your child on a kayak trip since the middle seat is specifically designed for his or her safety and pleasure, with no need to row.

45 euros per person

Start: at 8:00 am and 11:00 am

Place: Los Cristianos

Duration: 2 – 2.5 hours

You can see: dolphins, sea turtles, stingrays

You need to take: drinking water, sunscreen, swimsuit / swimming trunks, towel.

We provide: kayak, oars, wetsuit (on your request), snorkel masks, and of course, instruction and support.

Can’t plan your holiday? Contact us. We will plan your ideal schedule.

Canary kayaking as alternative to a beach holiday

Kayaking is a classic entertainment in Tenerife. If you wish for some privacy with the ocean, watching dolphins in the wild, there’s no need to hire a yacht or spend hours of training. You can savor the scenery of the island while kayaking.

Despite the fact that the rhythm of amateur kayaking is far from the competition one, lots of calories are inevitably spent on such trips. The work of all muscle groups while rowing the paddle burns 100-400 calories per hour trip, depending on your rhythm. Kayaking is quite comfortable, convenient and safe, thanks to special seats, which are ideal for a relaxed trip.

How we teach kayaking.

Kayaking is available at any time of the year. The instructor will chose an appropriate route, for you to see the finest spots of the island and meet dolphins.

A full instruction precedes every on-water trip. Your instructor will always be nearby, advising you on how to handle the paddle and make yourself comfortable in the kayak.

Interesting fact!

Kayak is a type of a rowing boat. Initially, they were made of dense animal skins pulled upon a wooden frame. Bone was often used as a stem. Nowadays, the production process is automated, of course. To form the frame, more primitive materials are being used, though no less durable — plastic, light metal and wooden sheets. These days kayaks are sailed with double-bladed paddles. These boats may vary in size, shape of the bow and stern. The kayak is very stable and is capable of challenging waves. Therefore, they were used for fishing and hunting more than 4,000 years ago.

The first to sail the kayaks were the people of Alaska, Canada and Greenland. Due to simple controls and design, kayaks were perfect for hunting seals and walruses. They were originally made of light wood, with the frame winded in tendons and skins of marine mammals. Up to the mid of the 20th century kayaks were exclusively wooden. No sooner than in the 80-ies fiberglass was replaced with plastic.

Modern kayaks are available in different sorts. Their use ranges widely whether for leisurely boat trips, sports rafting on mountain rivers or even fishing.

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